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Our site details everything you need to learn about each property including images, rates, list of amenities, view, location to the center, terms, vicinity to the beach and popular areas of town. So if you are new to this area of the Costas renting from us be it apartment rentals in Nerja or house / villa we can assure you that we will do our utmost to find the right place for you and your family.
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Let us help you to spend some relaxing days, enjoying your summer vacations in the town of Nerja, Maro, Frigiliana or Torrox Costa, view our properties and select which one suits your dates and budget.

Getting to Nerja

The bus transfer from Málaga airport to Nerja is by far the cheapest way to get to your destination and comfortable as they use air conditioned coaches and it is very cheap! Currently around 6 Euros!

From the airport to Málaga the train is both quicker and cheaper. The station is clearly marked from the arrivals area. You need to travel to Málaga Ciry Maria Zambrano station which is right next to the autobus station in the city centre. The train takes approx 8 minutes to reach the station.

Or to take the bus to the main bus station, at the airport outside arrivala stroll across the plaza to the autobus stop. Take the line marked A to Málaga city, this will take you into Málaga central autobus Estation and stops in right next to stand 38 from which the Nerja buses leave. The bus takes approx 25 minutes to reach Málaga.

Once at Málaga go to the terminal building toward the right hand end and look for the "Alsa" cubicles and keep an eye out for numbers 4-6, from which the tickets for the Nerja bus are on sale. There is also a ticket machine by the cubicle with an English option for the instructions. The time of the next bus will be printed on your ticket. Direct buses take around an hour, stopping only at the coastal town of Velez Málaga and Torrox Costa on route. Buses that stop take about 1 hour 45 minutes

Nerja bus station is not like a station as such; it is merely a pull in on the main road large enough for about three buses on either side of the road. The most noticeable thing is that this is where almost everyone will disembark! Look for Café Bar 7 to the right of the bus stop and you are in the right place.

It is worth noting for the rest of your stay that it is at this location that you can catch the bus up to Frigiliana or the Nerja Caves.

Getting around in Nerja

There are a number of ways to get around the town mainly Taxi, Bus or Tourist train. The later goes around parts of the town and makes its way upo to the caves of Nerja. You can catch the train in a number of locations, Plaza Espana which is next to the Balcon de Europa which you will undoubtedly discover during your stay or by Plaza Congrejo which is at Torrecilla beach. As for local taxis expect to pay around 7 euros for a trip across town. Please note that taxis in general will only take a maximum of 4 passengers.

Bike hire is also possible around various places in town. Prices vary from 25-65 euros a day depending on the type of bike you prefer. The town hall is always improving the cycling routes available to cyclists making it a safer environment.

The beaches of Nerja

One of the leading attractions in Nerja is of course its beautiful beaches and stunning backdrop of the Sierra Almijara mountain range. There are many beaches in the local municipality but just a handful which can easily be accessed during your stay. The most popular and largest is Burriana beach or Playa Burriana in Spanish. The beach which is located on the East of town has everything you need if you want to park yourself there for the day. You will find public toilets, beach showers and changing rooms in various locations along the beach. When it comes to parking we can only say its not great. Unless you get to the beach by 9.30am parking just gets harder and harder, even stressful so if it can be avoided then we would recommend that. There are a number of parking areas away from the beach but in the summer particularly at weekends when more Spanish visit it gets tricky to park.

Like many places along the coast you will see a fair amount of street sellers clearly selling fake goods, handbags, watches etc. If its not for you then just a polite no thanks will see them off. Water sports are readily available and include Stand up paddle and Kayaks. During the summer months you will find para gliding, jet ski hire and Pedalos. There is also a dive center so if you like to Scuba dive or want to take a course in diving it is all available. Kayaking or stand up paddle is a great way to explore the stunning coastline for yourself. You can stop of at other beaches less busy, visit waterfalls and even if you are fortunate see the odd dolfin!

For the kids there are a number of play areas along the beach offering slides and climbing frames. Some of them are placed directly opposite some of the restaurants along the beach so you can enjoy a drink and meal whilst looking over the children.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants along the beach front catering for all tastes from traditional Spanish, Nepalese, Thai, Pizza, burgers joints and steakhouses. We recommend you try the following.

When it comes to bars on the beach there are plenty to choose from and of course most of the restaurants will just serve you drinks anyway. Here are a few recommendation:

Calahonda beach is to the left of the Balcon de Europa again a really nice beach but no bars or restaurants currently to hand although there are plans in the near future for that to change. The beach is surrounded by cliffs and there is no access to cars or bikes so you are guaranteed a certain amount of peace however you will always hear the hustle and bustle of the Balcon. The nearest parking which is not free is below Plaza Espana just behind the Town Hall which you will find next to the Church on the Balcon de Europa.

Salon beach just to the right of the Balcon de Europa as you are looking out to sea is a lovely beach accessed by a small path from near the church on the Balcon. There are no bars or restaurants on this beach. The sand on this beach is a lot nicer than many of the others. Its a little finer less gritty. The lack of restaurant or bars on the actual beach is not an issue as it is located right at the heart of Nerja next to the Balcon de Europa where you will find a large amount of places to grab a bit to eat or drink.

Caletilla beach immediately the right of the Balcon de Europa as you are looking out to sea is a lovely beach accessed by a small path from near the church on the Balcon. There are no bars or restaurants on this beach as it is at the far end of Salon beach. You might get the impression that the beach is private and belongs to the Hotel Balcon de Europa but this is not the case and can be used by anyone. The sunbeds however do belong to the hotel.

Carabeillo beach at the far western end of Burriana beach this is a very popular beach accessed from the Carabeo area via steps. There are no amenities here but you can stroll further down the beach towards Burriana where there is plenty to do.

Carabeo beach this lovely beach accessed via Calle Carabeo the street that hugs the coast. The beach is wonderful good for snorkeling but has no amenities. There is no parking close by other than in the paid car park which is just across the street from the walk way down to the beach.

Torrecilla beach is at the west side of the Balcon de Europa and very popular. There are a number of beach side restaurants and amenities. Notably is Plaza Congrejo which has many great restaurants. There is no parking other than what is available in the nearby streets of the town. On Plaza Congrejo that are some kids play areas plus a nice promenade with amazing views back to the Balcon de Europa.

Chucho beach This is a stretch of beach on the western side of Nerja situated between Torrecilla beach and Playazo.

Playazo beach is at the most westerly point of Nerja and the most rustic. There are amenities and some traditional chiringuitos serving food and drink. At the very far end of the beach past the Marinas de Nerja hotel is a little known bar/restaurant - we call it paradise beach and it really is something quite special - good snorkeling to be had here.

Maro beach is to the far east of Nerja and despite this beach not being easily accessible from the town it is definitely worth a visit. From here you can either swim out to or kayak to the Maro waterfall. You can hire kayaks at the beach. There is a small bar at the beach normally only open during the summer months.

What is there to see in Nerja?

Here a some of our top recommendations of place to visit during your stay, some of them you will simply stumble across by default.

What's on in Nerja?

Here is a list of local festivals - the dates may vary year on year due to Easter variation etc.

Carabeillo beach Nerja

Stunning beaches!

So many to choose from.

Nerja has many beautiful beaches ranging from bustling to relatively peaceful

Bar Sevillanos Nerja

Fantastic nightlife!

Huge selection of bars and restaurants

Nerja has an abundance of bars and restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes.

Views down to Maro

Amazing scenery

A hill walkers paradise

Nerja`s backdrop of the Sierra Almijara is enough to tempt all the keen ramblers.